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  • Lifestyle and Social StructureLifestyle and Social Structure
    Michael E. Sobel

    The book begins by constructing a meaningful concept of lifestyle in order to understand and model this relationship.

  • Impacts of Racism on White AmericansImpacts of Racism on White Americans
    Benjamin Bowser, Raymond G. Hunt

    A collection of papers presented on white racial attitudes, covering such topics as the political economy of white racism, and the potential problems of diversity

  • The Pursuit of DivisionThe Pursuit of Division
    Martin Loney

    In The Pursuit of Division he provides a provocative critique of recent government policies with respect to race, gender, and preferential hiring, exposing the suspect methods of so-called progressive thinkers in their pursuit of the …

  • From Colonia to CommunityFrom Colonia to Community
    Virginia Sánchez Korrol

    First published in 1983, this book remains the only full-length study documenting the historical development of the Puerto Rican community in the United States.

  • American BabylonAmerican Babylon
    Robert O. Self

    American Babylon tells this story through Oakland and its nearby suburbs, tracing both the history of civil rights and black power politics as well as the history of suburbanization and home-owner politics.

  • Intercultural Education in the European ContextIntercultural Education in the European Context
    Dr Marco Catarci, Prof Dr Massimiliano Fiorucci

    This book offers a comparative analysis of the intercultural theories and practices developed in the European context.

  • The Dark Side of HopkinsvilleThe Dark Side of Hopkinsville
    Ted Poston

    " Acquainted with the major figures of the Harlem Renaissance, Poston regaled his associates with tales of his childhood. These memories resulted in the stories collected in The Dark Side of Hopkinsville.

  • A Different Mirror for Young PeopleA Different Mirror for Young People
    Ronald Takaki

    Now Rebecca Stefoff, who adapted Howard Zinn's best-selling A People's History of the United States for younger readers, turns the updated 2008 edition of Takaki's multicultural masterwork into A Different Mirror for Young People.

  • Caste and Gender in Contemporary IndiaCaste and Gender in Contemporary India
    Supurna Banerjee, Nandini Ghosh

    This book explores the intersectional aspects of caste and gender in India that contribute to the multiple marginalities and oppressions of lower castes, with particular reference to Dalits, Muslims and women.

  • Passing for WhitePassing for White
    James M. O’Toole

    A fascinating account of a mixed-race family living in nineteenth-century America introduces readers to the complexities of life lived on the racial dividing line a century ago.

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