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  • General Explanation of Tax Legislation Enacted in the 108th Congress May 2005General Explanation of Tax Legislation Enacted in the 108th Congress, May 2005
    Congress (U S ) Joint Committee on Taxation

    JCS-5-05. Joint Committee Print. Provides an explanation of tax legislation enacted in the 108th Congress. Arranged in chronological order by the date each piece of legislation was signed into law.

  • Derecho financiero y tributario Parte general Esquemas y res menesDerecho financiero y tributario. Parte general. Esquemas y resúmenes
    Gorospe Oviedo, Juan Ignacio

    Este libro responde a la necesidad de los alumnos en el sistema de Bolonia de disponer de un texto que sirva de guía en las cuestiones fundamentales de la parte general de la asignatura Derecho financiero y tributario.

  • Federal Taxation of Wealth TransfersFederal Taxation of Wealth Transfers
    Stephanie J. Willbanks

    It offers new case law, analyses and problems regarding private annuities, net gifts, and ascertainable standards. The text has been expanded to feature new cases, administrative rulings, and studies.

  • The United States Tax CourtThe United States Tax Court
    Harold Dubroff, Brant J. Hellwig

    The United States Tax Court has played a key role in the development of Federal tax law since its founding as the Board of Tax Appeals in 1924.

  • The Abolition Of AntitrustThe Abolition Of Antitrust
    Gary Hull

    "The essays in this book present a sustained economic, historical, moral, and legal broadside against the various federal statutes known as antitrust doctrine.

  • Buying a Second HomeBuying a Second Home
    Craig Venezia

    If you're in the market for a second home, but don't have money to burn, this is the book you need!

  • The Income TaxThe Income Tax
    Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman

    "In fact, Professor Seligman's advocacy of the income tax in the various papers which were incorporated in [this book] was an important factor in educating the American public to the point where the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment and of …

  • Praxis der Bilanzierung 2015 2016Praxis der Bilanzierung 2015/2016
    Herbert Grünberger

    Gelebte Praxis der Bilanzierung – jetzt in Neuauflage inkl.

  • Transfer Pricing and Valuation in Corporate TaxationTransfer Pricing and Valuation in Corporate Taxation
    Elizabeth King

    Transfer Pricing and Valuation in Corporate Taxation analyzes the disparities between both federal statutes and regulations, and r- ulations and administrative practice, in a highly controversial area of corporate tax policy: intra-company …

  • La geografia dei paradisi fiscaliLa geografia dei paradisi fiscali
    Michele Carbone, Michele Bosco, Luigi Petese

    Il Manuale “Geografia dei paradisi fiscali” presenta un quadro esaustivo del complesso impianto normativo, nazionale e sovranazionale, e giurisprudenziale di contrasto al fenomeno dei paradisi fiscali e rappresenta uno strumento nuovo …

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