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  • Cruising the Southern and Western CaribbeanCruising the Southern and Western Caribbean
    Larry H. Ludmer

    Here is an invaluable guide to the cruise lines, the ships themselves and their ports of call in the Western and Southern Caribbean, extending from the Bahamas down to Trinidad and even Venezuela.

  • Cruising the MediterraneanCruising the Mediterranean
    Hunter Publishing

    This text provides a guide for cruisers in the Mediterranean, presenting descriptions of ports en route. It offers information on the itinerary, passenger/crew ratio, dining options, berth layout and capacity.

  • Adventure Guide to St Martin St BartsAdventure Guide to St. Martin & St. Barts
    Lynne Sullivan

    Provides a detailed guide to every aspect of the destination: history, culture, foods, restaurants, hotels, sightseeing, things to do. This guide covers St. Martin and St. Barts.

  • Abandoned ShipAbandoned Ship
    Benji Smith

    Praised by Newsweek/The Daily Beast for its "honest reflection and frightening detail", this gripping, triumphant story is ultimately a spiritual tale, the story of a pair of survivors who find hope and meaning in the aftermath of a tragedy …

  • Rick Steves Northern European Cruise PortsRick Steves’ Northern European Cruise Ports
    Rick Steves

    In this guide, Rick Steves focuses on some of the grandest sights in Northern Europe.

  • Cruise ConfidentialCruise Confidential
    Brian David Bruns

    Relates the author's humorous experiences working for one year on a large cruise ship.

  • Fodor s The Complete Guide to European CruisesFodor’s The Complete Guide to European Cruises

    Describes various cruise lines; provides information on dining, shopping, and attractions at ports of call; and offers tips on selecting and booking European cruises and planning shore excursions.

  • The Captain s LogThe Captain’s Log
    mateboer Hans

    The characters, truly existed, although I did change names and ships around a bit. This book is a picture of my life and undoubtedly that of many others who have spend a considerable time at sea.

  • Dominica and St Lucia AliveDominica and St. Lucia Alive!.
    Lynne M. Sullivan

    Got it. Or perhaps you want to relax on the best beach sipping a cocktail. Got it! This exciting Alive guide is absolutely packed with detail, offering hundreds of hotel review and restaurant recommendations.

  • Stern 8217 s Guide to the Cruise Vacation 2014 EditionStern’s Guide to the Cruise Vacation: 2014 Edition
    Steven B. Stern

    This valuable guide assists you in selecting the ship best suited to your taste, advises you on how to prepare for your cruise, and explains what to expect once you are onboard.

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