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  • Three Envelopes

    Three Envelopes
    Nir Hezroni

    A thrilling debut, Three Envelopes delves into the twisted mind of a rogue agent in the Israeli intelligence agency and his mysterious plot for revenge.

  • How to Relax

    How to Relax
    Martin Meadows

    This book will teach you how to step away from noise, relax and recharge your batteries so you have enough left in you to control your life.

  • The Man Who Murdered God

    The Man Who Murdered God
    John Lawrence Reynolds

    But will McGuire be able to find the killer before he strikes again? The Man Who Murdered God, the first novel in the thrilling Joe McGuire mystery series, won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel.

  • The Rough Guide to Barbados

    The Rough Guide to Barbados
    Adam Vaitilingam

    The perfect guide to an enchanting island, the Rough Guide to Barbados serves up an equal measure of practical travel information, candid reviews and interesting historical/cultural context.

  • Quick and Permanent Cure for Herpes

    Quick and Permanent Cure for Herpes
    Ashley K. Willington

    These are only some of the questions people ask, and ?Quick and Permanent Cure for Herpes: Natural Herpes Remedies Proven to Destroy the Herpes Virus!? has the answers!

  • 100 Best Jokes Family Edition

    100 Best Jokes: Family Edition
    various authors

    One hundred of hilarious and funny jokes ! Have fun and laugh!

  • Limits of the Known

    Limits of the Known
    David Roberts

    In Limits of the Known, he reflects on humanity’s—and his own—relationship to extreme risk. Part memoir and part history, this book tries to make sense of why so many have committed their lives to the desperate pursuit of adventure.

  • Instrumentation Measurement And Analysis

    Instrumentation, Measurement And Analysis
    B. C. Nakra, K. K. Chaudhry

  • Training the Temp

    Training the Temp
    Melinda Di Lorenzo

    Part-time journalist Beth Styles has been assigned the terrible task of reporting on one of Seattle’s most eligible bachelors. All she has to do is get in, get the story, and get out.

  • The Unofficial Heroes of Olympus Companion

    The Unofficial Heroes of Olympus Companion
    Richard Marcus, Natalie Buczynsky, Jonathan Shelnutt

    Fascinating facts about Greek myths and gods are combined with insights into the Heroes of Olympus series and its new generation of demigods, including exclusive predictions on what to expect next. Original.

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