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  • Nietzsche and LevinasNietzsche and Levinas
    Jill Stauffer, Bettina Bergo

    The essays that Jill Stauffer and Bettina Bergo collect in this volume locate multiple affinities between the philosophies of Nietzsche and Levinas.

  • Transcendental GuiltTranscendental Guilt
    Sami Pihlstrsm

    Transcendental Guilt challenges traditional ways of understanding moral philosophy by proposing, instead of mainstream ethical theorizing, a serious moral reflection on our ethical finitude, focusing on the concept of guilt.

  • The Cambridge Companion to the Problem of EvilThe Cambridge Companion to the Problem of Evil
    Chad Meister, Paul Moser

    This Companion offers a state-of-the-art contribution by providing critical analyses of and creative insights on the problem of evil.

  • Naked People KneelingNaked People Kneeling
    Jason Mintel

    Find your SELF inside! your SELF is growing; don’t deny your love; don’t hide your knowledge seeking explorations; we are meant for so much; we can do anything; say I will and I can, for in your most hour of need in your most agonized …

  • Everyday EvilsEveryday Evils
    Coline Covington

    Intending to make the unthinkable thinkable, this book will appeal to scholars from across those disciplines, as well as psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and anyone who has ever asked the question: "How could anyone do something like that?"

  • Understanding EvilUnderstanding Evil
    Keith Doubt

    The Why Files presents information on the psychology of terrorism, including what motivates such terrorists as suicide bombers.

  • Rising from the RuinsRising from the Ruins
    Garth Gillan

    An assessment of reason, being, and the good in a world fractured by the passage of the Holocaust.

  • Relationships and EvilRelationships and Evil
    Loren Meierding

    The author believes that this book provides a comprehensive, plausible, and satisfying treatment of the problem of evil consistent with the Bible and orthodox Christianity.

  • L AnticonformistaL’Anticonformista
    Marco Ricchioni

    "L'Anticonformista" può essere considerato una miniera le cui gallerie sono ubicate a profondità diverse tra loro.

  • Michel FOUCAULT l 8217 coute de la folieMichel FOUCAULT à l’écoute de la folie
    André GUIGOT

    C'est une présentation claire, précise et accessible, de son œuvre qui est ici proposée. Rejoignez les fans sur Facebook …/… André GUIGOT à propos :

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