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  • If the Buddha MarriedIf the Buddha Married
    Charlotte Kasl

    Filled with the same lighthearted, highly practical, spiritually sound guidance that resonated with readers of If the Buddha Dated, this book is a fresh and inspiring guide for anyone who wants to strengthen, deepen, or revitalize a …

  • Unlimiting MindUnlimiting Mind
    Andrew Olendzki

    Both broad and deep, this eye-opening book is one of the best available overviews of the radical psychological teachings underlying the Buddhist approach to freedom and peace.

  • A Buddhist History of the WestA Buddhist History of the West
    David Loy

    A Buddhist interpretation of Western history that shows civilization shaped by the self's desire for groundedness.

  • A New Buddhist PathA New Buddhist Path
    David R. Loy

    David R. Loy addresses head-on the most pressing issues of Buddhist philosophy in our time.

  • The Dalai Lama on What Matters MostThe Dalai Lama on What Matters Most
    Noriyuki Ueda

    The Dalai Lama as You’ve Never Heard Him Before A few years ago, prominent cultural anthropologist Noriyuki Ueda sat down with the Dalai Lama for a lively two-day conversation. This little book is the result.

  • Gu a del Para so de las DakinisGuía del Paraíso de las Dakinis
    Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso

    La práctica del tantra del yoga supremo de Vajrayoguini

  • Interpreting AmidaInterpreting Amida
    Galen Dean Amstutz

    Examines the history of Japanese Pure Land Buddhism and how orientalist assumptions have caused the West to ignore this important tradition.

  • The Deathbed Sutra of the BuddhaThe Deathbed Sutra of the Buddha
    Adams Jr.

    This short work will be a must read for anyone with a serious interest in the teachings of the Buddha.

  • The Buddha and Religious DiversityThe Buddha and Religious Diversity
    J. Abraham Vélez de Cea

    Providing a rigorous analysis of Buddhist ways of understanding religious diversity, this book develops a new foundation for cross-cultural understanding of religious diversity in our time.

  • Buddhism Sexuality and GenderBuddhism, Sexuality, and Gender
    Jose Ignacio Cabezon

    This book explores historical, textual, and social questions relating to the position and experience of women and gay people in the Buddhist world from India and Tibet to Sri Lanka, China, and Japan.

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